house rules

★敷地内喫煙不可 ★家族や友人の宿泊は不可。訪問は管理人と他の入居者に告知すれば可能。 ★個人のゴミは個人で出す。掃除当番無し ★駐輪は無料、駐車は不可 ★門限無し ★毎月26日までに翌月の賃料と当月の共益費をお支払い下さい。 ★Smoking is prohibited inside the house. ★Visitors can't stay.Visitors are allowed provided that you get permission from the manager and other tenants. ★Cleaning, garbage management would be done by every tenants in the house. ★You are to proceed your rent payment and utility by 26th of every month for the upcoming next month. ★free parking for a bicycle. not available to park a car. ★no curfew

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