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                     Size in tatami
room101     occupied 満室   (9.7sq) 
room102    available 空室 77000円/月  (7.3sq)
room103    available 空室予定 79000円/月  (7.3sq)
room204    occupied 満室  (7.0sq)
room205     occupied 満室  (5.4sq)
room206     occupied 満室   クロゼット1.5間付き (9.7sq + closet3.2sq)  
賃料は前月末日までに翌月の賃料と仮共益費をお支払いただきます。 6ヶ月以上の滞在者に限ります。別途共益費として15000円掛かります。(光熱費、消耗品費、インターネット費、清掃費、管理費として) 一部屋に2名以上の入居はできません。 保証人、礼金等は必要ありません。 デポジットとして入居時に30000円預からせていただきます。(何も問題がなければ退去時に全額返却されます。)※予約確定は、お客様のデポジットの入金を確認した時点と致します。予約確定の為に入金されたデポジットは、お客様の都合によるキャンセルの場合、キャンセル料(違約金)の一部として償却いたします。
Advance payment by the last day of a month for next months A minimum of 3 months stay is required.
utility expenses are not included.(15000yen)
Only 1 person in one room.
Guarantor and proceeding fee is not needed.
All rooms need 30000yen for deposit (It will be all returned when you leave if not any problems)



羽田空港または成田空港から、 京急線に乗り、品川駅で下車してください。  その後、96番六本木行きまたは97番新宿行きバスに乗り、"古川橋"で下車。 (約10分200円)


麻布十番駅(地下鉄大江戸線)徒歩12分  田町駅(JR線)から18分。 泉岳寺駅(京急線)から徒歩15分。




Airport : Haneda 30min, Narita 90min (by Keikyu-line)
From Haneda or Narita airport,
take Keikyu-line and get off at shinagawa station. Then take No.96 roppongi or No97 Shinjuku bound bus and get off "Furukawabashi" (about 10minutes,200yen). By taxi from Shinagawa to Furukawabashi, it costs 800-1000yen. 

Stations : 5min walk from Shirokanetakanawa station(subway Nanboku-line, Mita-line)
12min walk from AzabuJuban station(subway Ooedo-line)
18min from Tamachi station(JR-line). 15min from Sengakuji station(Keikyu-line).

Buses : bus stops are 1min from our house
To Shinjuku 43min, Shibuya 16min, Aoyama 10min, Shinbashi 21min, Gotanda 19min

Bicycle : Roppongi 9min, Ginza 18min, Ebisu 10min

Area Guide



Azabu area is one of the premier international districts in Tokyo. Major countries set up their embassies in this area, which makes it even more cosmopolitan.
Around Azabu area, there are a lot of worldwide famous places which are center of culture, shopping, eating, entertainment, and also a long span histlical area.
Also, Azabu is famouse for one of the most luxury residential area, as clean,safe,quiet and comfortable at the same time there is just next to **Roppongi **which city never sleeps.  .

house rules

★敷地内喫煙不可 ★家族や友人の宿泊は不可。訪問は管理人と他の入居者に告知すれば可能。 ★個人のゴミは個人で出す。掃除当番無し ★駐輪は無料、駐車は不可 ★門限無し ★毎月26日までに翌月の賃料と当月の共益費をお支払い下さい。 ★Smoking is prohibited inside the house. ★Visitors can't stay.Visitors are allowed provided that you get permission from the manager and other tenants. ★Cleaning, garbage management would be done by every tenants in the house. ★You are to proceed your rent payment and utility by 26th of every month for the upcoming next month. ★free parking for a bicycle. not available to park a car. ★no curfew

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simple questions are welcome too!

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